Texas Holdem Tournaments

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With online poker becoming so popular in recent months, a number of casinos have begun introducing variations on the game. Ultimate Texas Holdem is just the latest in those new poker games. The game introduces a few unique twists to the traditional poker tournament, and gives players new challenges as they attempt to outplay one another and hopefully win big.

Playing Against the Dealer

One of the biggest variations is that instead of playing at a large table with a bunch of other players through multiple hands and rounds, Ultimate Texas Holdem allows players to play singular games against a dealer. In this way, the game is a bit like blackjack; if the player beats the dealer’s hand, then he or she moves up in the ranks. Players can track their progress against one another as they move up and down the ranks. This variation also encourages players to play aggressively through the whole tournament instead of waiting until the end of each round to make one big play.

Different Bets

There are many different bets that players can make in Ultimate Texas Holdem. There are the traditional antes and blinds, as well as raises and calls as the player tries to beat the dealer. There is also the special side bet. This “Trips” bet can qualify the player for a progressive jackpot if they are able to generate a particular combination of cards. As players across the tournament contribute to this side pot, the jackpot grows.

The Ultimate Texas Holdem tournament is indeed an ultimate version of the popular Texas Holdem game. With enough changes to make it a challenge, it is sure to delight fans of the traditional poker game.