Caribbean Stud Strategies

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Though many people believe that a game as simple as Caribbean Stud poker cannot possibly require any strategies, those who win frequently certainly believe otherwise. The following strategies are guaranteed to help players win.

Reducing the House Edge

The house edge in Caribbean Stud is an average of 5.26%, meaning that players have a slim chance of winning out over the house during a gaming session of average length. However, by knowing when to play and knowing when to fold, players can certainly get a leg up on this high house edge. The most common strategy here is to fold on anything less than a pair of fives since the odds of the dealer beating that combination are unusually high.

Never Bluff

Since there is very little room for improvement in a game of Caribbean Stud, professional players will always advise against attempting to bluff the dealer. The fact is, if the dealer has a good hand, there is nothing the player can do to force them to fold it. Even attempting to bluff the dealer into believing the player has a weak hand can certainly backfire and lead to disaster.

When to Fold and When to Play

Players who have anything higher than a Flush or a Full House should always raise as these hands are nearly impossible to beat. On the other hand, players with a pair may want to raise if it is a pair of Kings, Queens or even Aces. Players with a pair of sixes through nines may play, but it is often not a good idea to raise. Anything less than a pair of fives should be an indication to fold immediately.

Players who want to win more frequently at Caribbean Stud should follow all of these strategies carefully and make safe bets, as well. In fact, another common strategy associated with the game is to avoid side bets and progressive jackpots.